Senior Ads On Sale Now

Each year the LRCH community has an opportunity to buy recognition and friendship ads for senior students. All ads are full color. Information and guidelines are below.

IMPORTANT INFO: ALL proofs/approvals of Senior Ads are done via email. Make sure that you include your current and correct email address on the Senior Ad Purchase Form. We are not responsible for mistakes, errors or dissatisfaction due to approval emails not being returned to us in a timely manner. We do not have the ability to call or follow-up with all the parents who do not return emails or phone calls. You must help us by being an active part of the process. ANY and ALL photos not picked up during normal school hours (8:45am-3:45pm) before the last day of the regular school year will be boxed up and stored and no longer available. Please do not submit photos you are willing to lose or photos you will not pick up.

REGULAR PRICE & SIZES : Ads can be purchased in four different sizes depending on preference or budget needs. Keep in mind that the more photos you add, the less text you should include. The fewer photos you submit, the longer your message can be.

Full Page Ads – Regular cost of a full-page ad is $300 and can accommodate up to 15 photos and 1-5 sentences. Dimensions are 8.25×11 inches.

Half Page Ads – Regular cost of a half page ad is $175 and can accommodate up to 7 photos and 1-4 sentences. Dimensions are 8.25×5.5 inches.

Quarter Page Ads – Regular cost of a quarter page ad is $90 and can accommodate up to 4 photos and 1-3 sentences. Quarter Page Ads are vertically oriented and the design and size of photos will need to reflect that fact. Dimensions are 4×5.25 inches.

Eighth Page Ads – Regular cost of eighth page ads is $45 and these ads accommodate up to 2 photos and 1 sentence. These ads are roughly the size of a business card. Dimensions are 2.5×4 inches.

PRICE DISCOUNTS: If you are able to submit ALL of your photos, text and payment in full on, or before, September 25, 2015 (the last Friday in September) you will receive a 20% discount on the price of your senior ad (this is not applicable for friendship ads or business ads). This discount is only valid through September 25, 2015. No exceptions. No extensions.

Full Page – $240     Half Page – $140     Quarter Page – $72     Eighth – $36

We are no longer offering a discount for taking senior pictures during the august week. We do not receive information from the company who takes senior pictures  in a timely manner and therefore are not able to confirm information anymore and therefore will not be providing this discount. However we are increasing the early deadline discount to 20%.


  1. To place an ad and reserve your space at least 1/3 of the total cost, or $36 (which ever is greater) must be paid. Early discount rules still apply.
  2. If you need to pay for your ad using a payment plan you receive no discounts and the ad must be paid for, in full, by January 15, 2016, or a $25 late fee will be charged.
  3. To guarantee that you get your ad space in the PIX you should reserve your space before the end of October. The specific date will be available from Mrs. Leonard. the PIX does not promise that space will be available after mid-October.
  4. Photos from online sources (Facebook, cell phone photos, Flickr, etc.) are condensed and MAY NOT BE USED. This is for your benefit. Online photos will not print clearly or at the quality you will want for your ad. Please submit the original file from your computer (CD, DVD, flash drive or email are all acceptable delivery methods for digital copies).
  5. Do not submit photos that are copies of copies, have been printed on low-quality photo paper or regular typing paper. We will not be able to scan these and they will not print clearly or at the quality you will want for you ad. Please submit only original photos (we can scan them for you), or professional copies from Bedford Camera and Video or a similar retailer.
  6. Do not submit photos that have been cut or physically altered. We can edit, crop, etc. your photo in any way that you request. Please let us do the edits so that we insure your ad is of the highest quality possible.
  7. Do not submit photos of babies without clothes. Do not submit photos of students in swimsuits or wearing fewer clothes than they are allowed to wear at LRCH.
  8. No questionable content in photos: no alcohol, tobacco, drugs or paraphernalia may be visible in any photos.
  9. Photos, text, etc. can be submitted online by emailing or you can deliver hard copies to the school during normal school hours. You may do one or the other, or a combination of both. Make sure your students name is on all items.

DESIGN & LAYOUT We have a large selection of designs, templates and plans for ad designs. We have various color options, font choices, etc. Options can be viewed in room 103 when you place your ad order, or you can view options HERE. We are a student produced publication and as such we require our staff members to design ALL senior ads. If you have specific needs please contact us and we will do our best to accomodate you.

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